What is Siwpas

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Siwpas (pronounced as Simple Web Profile Application Server) is a lightweight Java™ application server platform for developing enterprise quality Java™ Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6) web applications. Siwpas integrates The Apache Software Foundation Java EE 6 related projects for providing a Java EE Web Profile compatible runtime platform. Siwpas also adds extra enterprise features, such as, "Clustering of CDI and EJB beans", "Siwpas Eclipse Plugin", "Tomcat JAAS Security Modules" etc.

Siwpas also provides detailed documentation that includes "Administration Guide" and "User Guide".

Web Profile Components

Siwpas supports Java EE Web Profile required components. Most important pieces of these components that Siwpas includes are;

  • EJB Lite Server (EJB)
  • Java Persistence API (JPA)
  • Java Server Faces (JSF)
  • Context and Dependency Injection (CDI)
  • Bean Validation (BVAL)

Moreover, Siwpas provides extra features that are not contained in Apache Projects,

  • Enterprise Level EJB Clustering : You can cluster CDI and EJB beans with Siwpas enterprise clustering.
  • Enterprise Level CDI Clustering : You can cluster CDI beans with Siwpas enterprise clustering.
  • Enterprise Level Security : You can use enterprise level security.

Powered by The Apache Software Foundation Projects

Siwpas is powered by The Apache Software Foundation Java EE class projects.

  • Siwpas Web server is powered by the Apache Tomcat.
  • Siwpas EJB Lite Server is powered by the Apache OpenEJB.
  • Siwpas CDI Container is powered by the Apache OpenWebBeans.
  • Siwpas other web profile components includes,
    • Apache MyFaces project as Java Server Faces Implmenetation
    • Apache OpenJPA project as Java Persistence API Implmentation
    • Apache BeanValidation project as Bean Validation specification.

Why Use Siwpas?

  • Enterprise Class Cluster Support : Siwpas provides enterprise level CDI and EJB clustering.
  • Siwpas is Lightweight : Siwpas is specifically implemented for running web profile based web applications. It does not contain unnecessary technology complexity. Siwpas is light and will always be light.
  • Siwpas is Fast : Siwpas is started in seconds in a commonly used production servers. Siwpas also relieves developers from long testing cycles while developing their next enterprise web applications.
  • Siwpas is Easy to Use: If you know the Apache Tomcat, you know the Siwpas. Deploying and running web applications is the same as Tomcat , but you get web profile technologies that are not contained in the Apache Tomcat.
  • Professional and Community Support: Siwpas is supported with community and professional support companies. MechSoft is one of the company that provides support according to the different support levels.
  • There is no Upfront License Cost : Customers do not have to pay upfront license costs for running Siwpas. Siwpas is always be free as free beer!


For more information about Siwpas Architecture, visit Siwpas Administration Guides


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