Web Profile Compliance

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Currently Siwpas does not claim compliance with Java EE Web Profile Specification because it has not been tested with Java EE Web Profile TCK. This does not mean that Siwpas will never be certified as a Web Profile Compliance application server. In order to test Siwpas with Java EE Web Profile TCK, MechSoft has to be a licensee of Oracle and we are discussing a reasanable way to obtain this TCK.

About JSR-299 and JSR-303 TCKs

Siwpas has passed (informally) "JSR-299 Web Profile TCK" and "JSR-303 TCK" succesfully. Therefore Siwpas provides JSR-299 and JSR-303 CDI and Bean Validation runtime environment.

JSR-299 and JSR-303 TCKs are licensed by the Redhat as ASL v2. To get more information, visit



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