Siwpas Enterprise Edition

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Siwpas application server is the Open Source alternative for Java based enterprise servers. MechSoft develops, maintains, supports , markets and makes available two versions of the Siwpas application server, these are

Siwpas Enterprise Edition

Siwpas Enterprise Edition (Siwpas EE) is a uniqe choice for deploying mission critical Java EE web based applications. It has been tested extensively and certified by the MechSoft. MechSoft only provides support for the Siwpas EE. To use Siwpas EE, you must have a subscription license key.

  • Siwpas EE is certified by the MechSoft,
  • Siwpas EE supports Web Socket Protocol,
  • Siwpas EE is undergone extensive testing,
  • Siwpas EE is supported by the MechSoft,
  • Siwpas EE has an extended period of support,
  • Siwpas EE contains Cool JSF based Siwpas Administration Console
  • Clustering and failover is supported in Siwpas EE,
    • Includes CDI and Stateful Session Bean Clustering and Failover
  • and more...
What is Subscription License Key?

To use Siwpas EE, you have to buy subscription from MechSoft. It means that it is not possible to use Siwpas EE without buying subscription licence from MechSoft. MechSoft sells subscriptions based on the CPU Socket Number in the production environment where Siwpas EE is deployed.

What is CPU Socket Number?

In a simple terms, CPU socket number is equal to the CPU number in the server hardware. For example, 1 CPU with 4 core is 1 CPU socket. In more technical words, "A CPU socket or CPU slot is a mechanical component that provides mechanical and electrical connections between a device (usually a microprocessor) and a printed circuit board (PCB). This allows the CPU to be replaced without risking the damage typically introduced when using soldering tools."


For prices about the Siwpas EE subscriptions, please visit Siwpas Subscription Levels page.


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