Siwpas Eclipse Plugin

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What is Siwpas Eclipse Plugin?

Siwpas Eclipse Plugin is used for developing Java EE Web based applications in Eclipse Environment. You can easily define Siwpas Server Runtime in Eclipse and deploy your web applications without leaving from the Eclipse development environment.

How to Install Siwpas Eclipse Plugin?

ScreenCast of Installation :

To watch the screencast about installation process, visit

You can easily install Siwpas Eclipse Plugin Via Siwpas Update Site. Follow the belowing steps to install Siwpas Eclipse Plugin

Example Screenshot with Adding Siwpas Update Site:

After you have successfully installed Siwpas Eclipse Plugin, you can easily add MechSoft Siwpas Server runtime from menu "Open Window/Preferences"  and select "Server/Runtime Environments".


After you have configured Server Runtime, you can easily add new server via Servers perspective.

  • Open Servers Perspecive via "Windows/Show View/Other" and select "Server/Servers"
  • Right clicks on Servers View and follow the instructions. (Select Siwpas Runtime)

After configuring the Siwpas Server, you will have a Servers view like below,


Now you can develop your next Java EE Web applications via Siwpas. Enjoy!

If you have any questions, use our forum,


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