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Siwpas Sample Web Projects

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Zip bundle contains samples Java EE Web Projects. You can use Eclipse to import these WTP projects into the eclipse.

  • ejb-singleton, EJB Singleton Bean examples.
  • hello-jsf2, CDI conversation with JSF 2
  • jsfWithFacelet, CDI example with JSF 2 via template Facelet
  • jsfWithJsp, CDI example with JSF 2 via template JSP
  • siwpas-cdi-failover, CDI Failover capability
  • siwpas-cdiprovider-injection, CDI Injection into Servlet via javax.inject.Provider (Server 3.0 @WebServlet)
  • siwpas-cdi-sample, Sample CDI
  • siwpas-ejbbval-sample, Bean Validation in EJB
  • siwpas-ejb-stateful, EJB Stateful with CDI
  • siwpas-jaas-security, Siwpas JAAS Security
  • siwpas-javaee-injection, Injection Java EE Resources into the CDI Beans
  • siwpas-jsfinjections-samle, Injection Java EE Resources into the JSF Managed Beans
  • siwpas-jstl-sample, CDI with JSTL
  • siwpas-primefaces-example, Sample PrimeFaces project
  • siwpas-resourceinjection-sample, Injection via @Resource,@PersistenceContext,@PersistenceUnit etc. into EJB and JSF Beans
  • siwpas-resource-ref, Sample @Resource injection
  • siwpas-sample-collapse, Sample Collapse EAR sample
  • siwpas-sample-ejb, Sample EJB module (used in siwpas-sample-collapse)
  • siwpas-sample-security, Using of Java Web Security in CDI and EJB Beans via Roles
  • siwpas-servletbval-sample, Injection of Validation and ValidationFactory
  • siwpas-servlet-sample, CDI in Servlets
  • siwpas-transaction-recovery, Use of 2p commit protocol
  • siwpas-webdatasourcesinto-ejb, Injection of Web component defined datasource into EJB Bean
  • siwpas-web-jsf2managedbean, CDI with JSF


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